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    CIT employees believe in making a difference through community involvement. 
  • In My Own Neighborhood

    In My Own Neighborhood

    Amanda Reno
    Executive Assistant
    New York City

    I was at the  Meatloaf Kitchen University, a soup kitchen located in lower Manhattan. There were about ten or twelve of us working morning and afternoon shifts, preparing lunch. 300 to 350 people a day come through for a meal. We've forged a lot of great relationships there. CIT volunteers  go there eight or nine times a year to prepare and serve food.

    We've been going for so many years, you get to know people, see them around. The regular volunteers are often nicknamed "Meatloaf" because that is what they serve there. I'll be walking around the neighborhood and someone will call out, "Hi Meatloaf!" It feels good to be useful in your community.

    My bosses and senior management are very supportive of the time we put in.  In fact, they push for it. We have monthly meetings; we make flyers, box things up and ship them out. There is a lot more bonding here at CIT because we spend time together on these projects, and we want this to get bigger. We want people from every floor in our office to get involved.