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    CIT employees believe in making a difference through community involvement. 
  • Painting Yourself into a Corner

    Painting Yourself Into A Corner

    Carol Whitlow
    Claims Correspondent
    Danville, Virginia

    I was putting primer on the new, bare drywall. At this stage, we had completed the bedrooms and kitchen so the only thing left was the stairwell and the upstairs room. By the end of the day the entire CIT team was covered in paint in differing degrees - some on their noses and some on their clothes; everybody had it on their hands.  As for me, in my effort to be different, while working on that staircase, I backed into a freshly painted wall...so I had paint on my backside!

    I've been using my CIT volunteer days to work with  DPC Habitat for Humanity for several years now. Every year is different; you never know what you will be doing. One year it was building a soffit and working on a roof, one year was applying water proofing to a foundation.

    For me, volunteering is my way of trying to give back. I can't support with money but I'm healthy and strong so I present myself to these causes. I get to spend time with my CIT co-workers, and get to know them in a way that I would not just inside the office. There's always something to be done and we're all rolling up our sleeves together.