• Volunteerism at CIT

    CIT employees believe in making a difference through community involvement. 
  • Three Square Meals

    Three Square Meals

    Donna Delgado
    Collateral Analyst

    We were helping to prepare box meals for school children to take home so they were sure to get three meals each day. This was the sandwich assembly line where everyone goes down rows placing the bread down, then the meat, lettuce, and cheese. Each box contained a nutritious meal and all of the food was donated.

    With twenty volunteers working two days in two different shifts, we made more than 1,500 meals for Hunger Busters.

    I volunteer just because it makes ME feel good! It is so rewarding to feel like you have done a small part to make someone happier or make some part of their life just a little bit better.  I'm really thankful CIT supports these efforts. Even something as simple as standing in a line, making a sandwich, with people from the office, there is such a camaraderie. At the end of the day, it is what I remember. I've gotten to know people outside of the office on a much more personal level, and it has really helped build a sense of a team, Team CIT.