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    CIT employees believe in making a difference through community involvement. 
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    Who's In Charge

    Sheri Bryant
    Claims Representative
    Danville, Virgina

    I took that little guy for a walk, though; he wasn't much into walking and really just wanted some hugs and kisses.

    That day we did the dirty work first, like cleaning out the cages and feeding the animals.  Then we were asked if we wanted to give the dogs some exercise. Next thing I know they bring out this HUGE dog - I mean his head was practically up to my chest. Let's just say I wasn't leading anybody around. He dragged me all over the place; I'm surprised I stayed on my feet! My co-workers had a good laugh with me that day.

    I chose Danville Humane Society as my volunteer project because I love animals. These animals might not ever get the chance to find a loving home, but they are well cared for at the Humane Society.

    I'm a working mother with three kids. I don't have a lot of spare time to volunteer and I'm fortunate to work for a company like CIT with a volunteer program. It's really very simple -being able to help those that are less fortunate makes me thankful for everything I have.