• FlexAbility

    These flexible solutions for selling and invoicing make it possible to be more innovative in sales and pricing structures.
  • FlexAbility TM

    Flexible Solutions for Selling & Invoicing

    FlexAbilityTM products provide clients with unlimited flexibility to structure what they sell, how they charge for it, and who they partner with. Companies that go to market with complex sales structures such as managed services, bundling, and usage-based billing and pricing, should talk to CIT to understand:

    • How FlexAbility and a financed offering make it possible for them to be more innovative in their sales and pricing structures, and 
    • How FlexAbility makes administration of these structures easier, more accurate, at lower operational expenses from deal initiation through accounts receivable.      

    Today, FlexAbility's two offerings are: 

    FlexSell: Helps companies reinvent how to sell and price financed offerings to customers. 

    • CIT can assist you in building unique pricing structures to pursue new market opportunities while minimizing the operational costs of managing these complex structures. 
    • Based upon our experience in leveraging sales structures and lease terms utilized in various industries, we can provide you with critical insights into product combinations, selling approaches, market testing and customer acceptance of new structures. 
    • In addition, we operationalize the data streams and cash flows between your company, your partners and CIT. That ensures customer invoices are easy to understand and cash application is seamless for you and your partners.

    FlexInvoice: A fully flexible billing platform that supports any type of charge and any invoice design. 

    • Unlike invoices produced by traditional accounting and accounts receivable systems, FlexInvoice is a standalone system that allows for easy and quick modifications to meet the requirements of clients and their customers. 
    • FlexInvoice data is systematically integrated with client companies, which streamlines their cash application each payment cycle. 
    • Companies can even use FlexInvoice to present 1:1 or one-to-many messages, notices and multi-page advertising.

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