• Serving the Footwear Industry

    CIT Commercial Services is a leading provider of working capital financing, credit protection, accounts receivable factoring and AR management to the footwear industry. We tailor financial solutions that help companies of all sizes increase sales, improve cash flow, reduce operating expenses and eliminate customer credit losses. 

    Our clients are footwear manufacturers and importers that range in size from $2 million to $1 billion in annual sales and sell to approximately 230,000 retail and wholesale customers nationwide.

    • Accounts receivable factoring services Business Services
    • Import and export factoring services
    • Accounts receivable management services
    • Working capital financing
    • Inventory financing
    • Growth financing
    • Asset based lending
    • Accounts receivable financing
  • Footwear Companies turn to CIT to:

    • Sell their accounts receivable to CIT with or without recourse (credit protection)
    • Gain protection against bad debt losses
    • Reduce expenses by outsourcing credit checking and bookkeeping functions
    • Receive pre-approved credit lines for their customers
    • Benefit from access to CIT's pay history on 230,000+ customers
    • Gain online real-time access to account balances and activity
    • Grow their accounts receivable line of credit as their accounts receivable increase
    • Obtain credit protection to help manage large customer credit exposures