• George Cashman

    George Cashman

    President, Rail

    George Cashman is President of CIT Rail. He joined CIT in January 2000 as Senior Vice President and was promoted to Executive Vice President in July 2001. He was subsequently promoted to his current position in August 2006.

    His areas of expertise include rail and shipping industry trends and railcar types and leasing. 

    Prior to joining CIT, he was Senior Vice President of PSE&G Energy Services, responsible for developing a captive finance company for this unregulated energy services subsidiary of PSE&G. Before PSE&G, Cashman was President and Co-Founder of Glenshaw Capital, an investment advisory company.

    He spent the majority of his career with Westinghouse Financial Services, where he served in a variety of management positions, including most recently as Executive Vice President and Group Manager - Major Industries Finance. In this role, he developed industry verticals in the Transportation, Energy and Media markets. Prior to joining Westinghouse in 1984, Cashman held a number of positions with GTE, including co-founding its captive finance company.

    He received a BS degree in Finance and Economics from Susquehanna University and an MBA from the College of William and Mary.