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    From its start in 1972 as a subsidiary of North America's third largest railcar lessor, NACCO, a CIT Company, has grown to become the most important independent full service railcar leasing company in Europe. With its head office in Paris and a network of subsidiaries and exclusive agents across Europe, NACCO today serves over 180 customers in 16 countries.

    NACCO's seasoned management team has extensive knowledge of the European wagon leasing market and has created strong relationships with customers and suppliers throughout Europe. NACCO's reputation is built on solid foundations: strong expertise in the railcar leasing business, broad coverage of the European market and the technical knowledge to provide innovative solutions for customer supply chain efficiencies.

    NACCO's constantly growing fleet now exceeds 13,000 wagons. Customers include the major shippers in the petroleum, chemical and petrochemical industries, as well as those moving fertilizers, minerals, timber, steel, aggregates, agricultural products, consumer goods and intermodal.

    NACCO was acquired by CIT Rail in February 2014. 

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      • Austria, Linz  
      • Czech Republic, Prague 
      • France, Paris
      • Germany, Hamburg
      • Poland, Warsaw
      • United Kingdom, Cheshire 

      Grain Car Technical
      • Czech Republic, Česká Kamenice
      • Germany, Leipzig
      • Slovakia, Trnava
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