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  • Aggregate & Bulk Materials

    NACCO provides open or closed bulk material wagons depending on the moisture sensitivity of the cargo. The unloading is by bucket, by gravity or pneumatic either axially or from the side. The fleet consists of a wide range of box wagons (UIC Type E) and Open Top Hoppers.

    Our bulk material wagons can be used for the transport of almost any kinds of bulk material, such as coal, coking coal, gravel, chippings, stones and sand.

    UIC CodeDescriptionVolume 
    EanosOpen Box / gondola car82,4 m3 View
    Fac(n)sOpen hopper car with lateral controllable discharge45 m3 View
    Fal(n)sOpen hopper car with lateral discharge86 m3 View
    Fanps52.4 m3 Aggregate Wagon52.4 m3 View
    ResFlat car with collapsible walls and stanchions48,8 m2 View
    Tam(n)sOpen box / gondola car with sliding tarpaulin cover72 m3 View
    Uac(n)sPressure discharge car90 m3 View
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