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  • Chemical

    Our chemical wagons are equipped with steel and stainless steel tanks offering a wide range of capacities. The wagons are provided with a variety of different coatings or rubber linings and can be customized with a large variety of instruments depending on customer needs (thermometers, crash buffers, instrument panel covers or roll bars).

    Our chemical wagons are for liquid organic and inorganic chemicals such as aromas (benzene, toluene, xylenes, phenol), acids (hydrochloric, sulphur, phosphoric), liquid fertilizers (UAN), bases (carbohydrate solutions, soda lye, sodium hypochlorite), alcohols (methanol, ethanol), liquid sulphur, peroxide compounds (hydrogen peroxide), resins and glues, formalin, aldehydes, caprolactam, solvents and many other chemicals.

    VolumeSteelLiningTank CodeHeatedInsulatedProducts 
    50 m3Stainless L4BHNACCO rail check markNACCO rail check markCaustic soda 50% View
    56 m3Stainless L4BH/L4DVNACCO rail check mark Caustic soda 50%, manganese sulfate View
    56 m3Stainless L4DV/L4BH  Diluted nitric acid, concentrated sulfuric acid View
    60 m3Stainless L4DV  Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) View
    64 m3CarbonRubberL10DH/L10BH  Hydrochloric acid (HCL) View
    70 m3Stainless L10BH/L10DHNACCO rail check markNACCO rail check markCaprolactam, nylon salt, phenol, cyclohexanon View
    74 m3Stainless L10BH/L10DHNACCO rail check markNACCO rail check markHMD, ADN View
    80 m3Carbon L4BH/L4DHNACCO rail check markNACCO rail check markBenzene, paraxylol, phenol, HMD View
    88 m3Carbon L10DH  Acrylonitrile View
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