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  • Minerals

    We provide a wide fleet of closed mineral wagons, which can be used at all terminals, thanks to the flexible designs. The low tare weight ensures a particularly high loading capacity - unloading is by gravity or pneumatic operation of the unloading hatches. Our pressure discharge wagons provide a wide choice of capacities and are equipped with state-of-the-art pneumatic emptying systems.

    Our mineral wagons can be used for the transport of almost any kinds of mineral materials, such as fertilizers, lime, cement, coal dust & silica sand.

    UIC CodeDescriptionVolume 
    EanosOpen Box / Gondola Car82,4 m3 View
    Fac(n)sOpen Hopper Car with Lateral Controllable Discharge45 m View
    TadnsSelf-discharging wagon82.5 m3 View
    Tad(g)nsCovered hopper car with lateral controllable discharge80 m3 View
    Fal(n)sOpen hopper car with lateral discharge86 m3 View
    Tam(n)sOpen box / gondola car with sliding tarpaulin cover72 m3 View
    Tapps/TanoosCovered hopper car with axial discharge80 m3 View
    Uac(n)sPressure discharge car90 m3 View
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