• Short Sale

    A short sale allows borrowers to sell their home at a market value that is less than the balance owed on the loan. This alternative to foreclosure is available only to homeowners who are experiencing an economic or financial hardship. A short sale offers both the homeowner and the lender a faster and less costly alternative to foreclosure. Homeowners may also be eligible for financial incentives by selling their home through a short sale agreement. 

    It is important to note that a short sale may adversely affect the ability to obtain credit in the future. We strongly suggest borrowers consult with an accountant, tax attorney or CPA (Certified Public Accountant) for advice regarding credit and tax implications. 

    How do I apply for a short sale?

    To apply for a short sale you may download our application by clicking the link below. You must submit your short sale application and all other required documents by fax at 866-827-8061. To ensure that your documents are routed correctly and to avoid delays, please include your name on each page before it is faxed. 

    For more information, please call us at 1-877-908-HELP to learn more about a short sale. 

    To learn more about the short sale process, we also recommend viewing our informative companion video regarding short sales, by clicking the link on the right hand side of the page: 


    Allows a borrower to transition out of their home without going through foreclosure. In some cases relocation assistance may be available.