• FHA & VA Loans

    Document Fees
    Appraisal or Survey, Loan History, Mortgage/Deed of Trust, Note Check Copy, or All other Loan DocumentsNo Charge
    Overnight Delivery of Documents/Copies$15.00
    Payoff Statement Fees
    Payoff Statement FeeNo Charge for Payoff Statement
    Payment Option Fees (Some options do not allow for same day or next day payment posting)
    One Time Drafting of Payments:
    If Payment is Drafted Within 5 Days of Due Date
    • Call Center Assisted
    • Automated Phone Option
    • On the Website
    • ACH

    No Charge
    No Charge
    No Charge
    If Payment is Drafted 6 or More Days After Due Date
    • Call Center Assisted
    • Automated Phone Option
    • On the Website
    • ACH

    No Charge
    No Charge
    Late Payment (Charge) FeesRefer to Your Mortgage Documents
    Payment Returned for Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF)$5.00
    Loan Assumptions, Modifications, or Releases
    Partial Release

    A partial release of mortgage allows a borrower to remove some of the collateral, or property used as security, from a mortgage loan. A partial release of a mortgage specifically describes a part of the mortgaged real estate and releases that part from the lien of the mortgage loan.

    $150.00 Maximum
    Recording Fees for Full Re-conveyance

    The fees associated with recording the transfer of a property title to a buyer after mortgage, has been paid in full.

    Varies by State or Local Agency
    Subordination of Junior Lien

    The fees associated with assigning the lien in a subordinate position to another loan on the same property.

    CEMA (Consolidated Extension Modification Agreement)NY Only
    Assignment Fee (to other institutions)

    An Assignment document verifies that a mortgage has been transferred from the borrower to a third party.

    Varies by Loan
    Assignment Fee (OneWest Bank Mortgage Servicing to OneWest Bank Mortgage Servicing)Varies by Loan
    Assumption Fees
    Simple FHA Transfer

    The transfer of an FHA loan from the borrower to a buyer without the consultation of a lender.

    VA Loan Assumption with Release of Liability

    For use when the VA borrower sells his or her home to another VA-eligible borrower.

    1/2% of the loan balance and processing fee of $300.00 subject to any state law limitations
    Miscellaneous Fees
    Fund Wires
    Incoming Wires of Funds to OneWest Bank Mortgage Servicing$10.00
    Outgoing Wires of Funds from OneWest Bank Mortgage Servicing$20.00