• Online Account Management

    See the different ways you can manage your account. 

    Managing your account is easy and convenient.

    Did you know that you can manage your mortgage online? Enroll today to enjoy the simplicity, convenience and security of an online mortgage account.

    • View your balance, principal and interest payments, current interest rate, and escrow information
    • Access account history and balance information
    • Sign up for and receive e-statements
    • Make your payment online
    • Secure messaging
  • Payment Options

    Making your payments has never been easier! Choose from any of our convenient payment options below to determine which payment method works best for you.

    A full list of options on how to make your payments is available here.

  • Automatic Payments

    Signing up for automatic payments is quick and easy.

    Your life gets easier when you sign up for automatic mortgage payments. By signing up for automatic payments, your monthly mortgage payment will be automatically deducted from your bank account. This reduces the risk of accruing late charges and by having the payment drafted and clearing your bank account on time you would avoid the risk of damaging your credit rating. You would also eliminate the hassle of writing out a check every month for your mortgage payment or worrying about getting to a mailbox on time. Your cleared mortgage payment is easy to track on your bank statements and on our website.

    Signing up for automatic payments is quick and easy.

    To sign up for automatic payments, please complete one of the following simple steps:

    1. Simply log in to your mortgage account and select Auto Draft payment from the Loan Servicing Center. Follow the prompts and input your banking information. Please note that you can only select a draft date within five days of the due date. Home Equity Lines of credit can only be setup to draft on the due date.  

    2. Call us at 1-800-781-7399 and we will walk you through the enrollment process.

    Disclosure: It is important to remember that when you are enrolled in automatic payments, you must have sufficient funds available in your account on the date your mortgage payment is scheduled. If sufficient funds are not available in your bank account at the time of the scheduled payment, you may be subject to non-sufficient funds fees (NSF). If the funds cannot be drafted due to insufficient funds, you are still responsible for making your mortgage payment directly and may be subject to late charges.

  • Go Green

    Protect yourself and the planet by signing up for eStatements.

    CIT Bank Residential Servicing is pleased to offer you the option of going paperless with eStatements, the environmentally friendly way to view and print your monthly statements.

    Save paper and shrink your environmental footprint by enrolling in eStatements today. Going paperless is a small change that can have a big impact on the environment. Not only can you help save trees, but you can also help reduce the greenhouse gas emissions and waste water released during the production and transportation of paper products.

    In addition to the environmental benefits of going paperless, the ease and accessibility of managing your statements online can help you organize and simplify your life by cutting out clutter and unnecessary mail. You can rest easy knowing that your statement goes directly to your secure Online Mortgage account, reducing the possibility that your records end up in the wrong person's hands. When you do need a paper statement, you can quickly print a copy from your account.

    Enrolling in eStatements gives you 24/7 access to your past three months of statements directly from your CIT Bank Residential Servicing online account! An email alert will notify you when your current statement is available.

    To sign up for this free feature, simply log in to your Online Mortgage account and select "Go Paperless with eStatements." For more information, contact us at 1-800-781-7399.