• ViaWest: Helping Companies Scale for Growth in the Big Data Age

    Technology Alt Fibers Through its network of 30 data centers, Denver-based technology firm ViaWest is helping firms meet computing needs amid a global information surge. Just consider the forecasts that smartphone users will use six times as much data in 2020 as they do today. As companies evolve along with their growing infrastructure needs, organizations of all sizes will be looking for new ways store and manage their information. 

    "Data is increasing exponentially, and the data is going to have to go somewhere," says Michael Krza, ViaWest's chief financial officer.

    ViaWest provides outsourced infrastructure solutions primarily to middle market companies and larger enterprises. In its co-location centers, ViaWest provides servers for clients at ViaWest sites, relieving clients of much of the management of equipment that would otherwise be housed on-premise. Through its cloud-based services, ViaWest manages mission critical data through a variety of configurations that allow clients to tap an external network while maintaining security and minimizing capital expense.

    Security concerns and application requirements often dictate whether companies choose co-location or cloud-based arrangements, Krza says. For instance, financial services and healthcare customers tend to prefer co-location models, opting to retain sensitive information on private servers.

    "They're not quite ready to take that next step and put their information and applications on a third-party's hardware," Krza says.

    For companies that have opted to transition from co-location to cloud-based solutions, efficiency is one of the main drivers. For instance, a company might need the capacity of 10 servers to meet peak demand, but not need that capacity on a continuous basis, Krza says.

    In addition to its cloud and co-location offerings, ViaWest also offers compliance and data security services, as well as the possibility of combining co-location and existing private and public cloud workloads. 

    For companies wrestling with information storage and management in the big data era, the cloud offers an efficient way forward. Krza says: "The cloud allows you to be more efficient by using resources when they're required."

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