• Business Account Management Solutions

    CIT offers a variety of account management solutions to streamline your business bank accounts day-to-day cash management.
  • Account Management Solutions

    Up-to-date and timely access to your business banking accounts is critical to maintain control of your cash flow and streamline your day-to-day cash management needs. We offer a number of Account Management Solutions that help increase your productivity and provide you with information critical to running your organization.

    Service Descriptions

    Business Checking, Interest Checking, and Money Market Accounts

    Select from a variety of competitive account options which best meet the needs of your business. 

    We offer commercial banking accounts to help you manage your company's daily operation, including business checks, image cash letter, and business money market accounts. Accounts can be designated to account analysis based on your cash management and depository needs.

    CD ROM Image Archive Services

    Access images of paid checks and deposits securely and efficiently through a simple, organized storage and retrieval record system. 

    Quick and easy access to information is vital in today's business environment. Our Image Archive CD-ROM Services provide businesses with a cost-effective alternative to storing paper checks and deposit tickets. Leading edge image technology captures, archives, and delivers images of deposits with associated offsets, and paid checks both securely and efficiently.

    Information Reporting

    View up-to-date account information, transfer funds, initiate transactions, and access a variety of activity and summary reports all through a secure, easy-to-use web platform. 

    As a business owner, you want to spend time growing your business, to manage your bank accounts. CIT offers convenient account information access through our comprehensive Business Online Banking website. Our secure solution allows you to manage your accounts and initiate transactions anytime, day or night, giving you an accurate insight into your balances and more control over your company's cash flow.

    Returned Items Service

    View and decision returned items quickly and efficiently to better manage the cash flow of your business. 

    Timely information for handling returned items is essential to managing the cash flow of your business. With our Returned Item Services you no longer need to wait to receive information related to returned items and deposits by mail. Through our website, you can easily access detailed information and images of returned items and decision them online as soon as they post to your account, thereby eliminating mail time.

    Sweep Services

    Invest excess cash to maximize earnings, pay down loans and maintain optimal liquidity in your accounts.

    Zero Balance Accounting

    Consolidate balances from multiple company locations, divisions or functions while maximizing the earning potential of cash resources by reducing idle balances. 

    Zero Balance Accounting Services (ZBA) is a flexible tool that can serve to concentrate or disburse funds automatically. Multiple business bank accounts can be consolidated and maintained at a zero balance.

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