• Collections Solutions

    CIT offers a variety of collections solutions to reduce your business’s collection uncertainty, increase efficiency and accelerate cashflow for your business or organization.
  • Collections Solutions

    Whether you want to reduce costs, gain greater certainty around your collections, or accelerate your cash flow, CIT offers a variety of Collections Solutions to give you more control over the timing and management of your deposits.

    Service Descriptions

    ACH Services

    Set up recurring pre-authorized debits with your suppliers and customers to automate payment processing. 

    Speed and efficiency in initiating, collecting, and disbursing funds are critical payment services for a company of any size. Our Automated Clearing House (ACH) Services provide your business with a dependable collection and payment system to manage your business transactions. Our ACH Services are a convenient, low-cost, and flexible way to make payments and receive funds.

    Cash Vault

    Make deposits, order cash, and, reduce trips to the bank with the convenience and security of cash vault services. 

    Our Nationwide Cash Vault Service lets you make secure cash deposits both locally and nationally. Our cash vault network features highly efficient equipment that automates every step of the process. You will receive same-day credit on properly prepared cash and coin deposits that are received by the published deadline for each vault location. In addition, you can place cash and coin orders 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by calling the bank's automated Cash ordering system.


    Increase collection efficiency and reduce costs via our comprehensive Lockbox Service. 

    Our Lockbox Service offers the ability to safely and conveniently collect check payments both locally and nationwide. Using our state-of-the-art image platform, your deposits will be processed remotely with same-day access to check and remittance images on-line. By moving your remittance processing procedure off-site, you will realize increased efficiency and reduced costs associated with the in-house processing of check deposits.

    Deposit Reconciliation

    Track deposits from multiple locations and reconcile deposits into a single account for greater operational and cost efficiencies. 

    Our Deposit Reconciliation Service is a cost-effective way to easily track daily deposits from multiple locations, and then reconcile those deposits in a timely manner under a single account. Summary statements and activity reports of all deposits by location are available through our secure Business Online Banking website. Deposit activity can be downloaded into a file format that can be uploaded into your accounting software, or into a PDF format for printing, thereby simplifying your reconcilement processes.

    Electronic Check Service

    Authorize and electronically process checks at the point of sale to improve collections and reduce the risk of accepting bad or fraudulent checks. 

    We offer Electronic Check Services to business clients through a referral relationship with First Data Corporation (FDC). For businesses that want to accept varying forms of payment including electronic checks, the Electronic Check Service is a comprehensive solution for check acceptance including authorization, settlement, and collections.

    ePayment Processing

    Offer convenient payment options to your customers by accepting payments through your company's website. 

    We offer ePayment Processing Services to businesses that want to accept varying forms of payment via the Internet. The ePayment Processing Service is a comprehensive solution designed to interface with your existing website.

    Remote Deposit Capture & Image Cash Letter

    Deposit checks from the convenience of your office. 

    Remote Deposit Capture Service allows you to scan checks and transmit scanned images to CIT for posting and clearing, with a desktop scanner in your office. Deposits can conveniently be made on a daily basis including after the close of business, on weekends or holidays, and are usually processed the next business day, thereby providing you with quicker access to your funds. Image Cash Letter Service allows you to use your existing imaging infrastructure to capture checks received at your operating locations. Electronic images of your checks are transmitted to CIT for clearing, eliminating the time and cost of sorting, and shipping checks to the bank.


    Check authorization services provide a safe and secure method for accepting checks. 

    We offer TeleCheck Services to business clients. For businesses that want to accept varying forms of payment including checks, TeleCheck is a comprehensive solution for check acceptance including authorization, settlement and collections. The solution also offers a warranty option for "peace of mind" over returned check liability. FDC's TeleCheck Services offer multiple options depending on your needs.

    Merchant Services

    State-of-the-art credit card processing for your business. 

    We are able to offer state-of-the-art, competitively priced Merchant processing services. A professional sales and service staff member will assess your needs and then deliver a comprehensive solution specifically tailored to you. If you haven't compared Merchant processors recently, perhaps now is the time!

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