• Disbursement Solutions

    CIT provides flexible disbursement services to help your business optimally control payments and business expenses with ACH Services, secure online banking and more.
  • Disbursement Solutions

    Making payments to vendors or suppliers, paying employees, and controlling business expenses all require flexible disbursement services. We offer a complete array of Disbursement Solutions that will keep funds working on your behalf, while helping control your administrative costs.

    ACH Services

    Create one-time or recurring electronic transfers to accounts of other companies or individuals, directly from your business account via ACH. 

    Speed and efficiency in initiating, collecting, and disbursing funds are critical payment services for a company of any size. Our Automated Clearing House (ACH) Services provide your business with a dependable collection and payment system to manage your business transactions making it a convenient, low-cost, and flexible way to make payments and receive funds.

    Business Bill Pay

    Pay bills online at any time, day or night, from the convenience of a secure online banking web portal. 

    Manually paying and receiving paper bills can be a time-consuming process. Our Business Bill Pay solution offers business clients the convenience of viewing, paying, and receiving bills online, all in one central location.

    Commercial Cards

    A single, streamlined payment solution for your purchasing and corporate card programs usable worldwide anywhere Visa ®  is accepted. 

    We have teamed with Elan Financial Services to offer the One Card, a single, streamlined payment solution for your purchasing and corporate card programs. Use of the One Card ensures employees' access to goods, services and cash around the globe, anywhere Visa ®  is accepted - eliminating the need for more costly alternatives such as petty cash or cash advances. 

    Detailed transaction data is captured on every purchase and companies can manage their accounts online 24/7 through Elan's Access Online website. 

    The One Card can be fully integrated with electronic expense reporting platform systems providing valuable information to help monitor travel and expense spending and aid in vendor negotiations. The One Card integrates transactions with one process, one staff, one card issuer and one invoice. Companies are empowered to merge separate card solutions, increase efficiencies and decrease costs across all platforms.

    Controlled Disbursements

    Eliminate the guesswork of cash forecasting by receiving early morning notifications of funding requirements for that day's check clearings. 

    Our Controlled Disbursement solution allows you to more effectively manage your cash flow, optimize the use of available funds, and reduce uncertainties associated with check clearing forecasts. 

    Our solution provides you with same-day morning notification of the dollar amount of all checks that will clear against your account on that day. Early access to this information allows you to fund your account with the amount necessary to cover the checks scheduled to clear that day.

    Gift Card Solutions

    Provide customers with a convenient and safe payment card to increase loyalty and spending. 

    Gift Cards are growing in popularity as they are safer and easier to use than paper gift certificates. We offer two types of gift cards: closed loop and open loop cards. 

    Closed loop cards are merchant-specific and must be used for transactions exclusively at a particular merchant's location. 

    Open loop cards are associated with and bear the logo of an electronic payment network such as Visa ®  or MasterCard ®  and are honored wherever these networks are accepted.

    Pay Cards

    Pay employees their payroll direct deposit through a convenient debit card. 

    Our Payroll Card is a MasterCard® -branded prepaid general purpose reloadable card program that allows clients to offer direct deposit to their employees who do not have a checking account or who do not want their pay deposited into their existing bank account. 

    The Payroll Card enables the company to move toward a fully electronic payroll. Funds are loaded to the card via payroll deposit or by the cardholder through other channels. This gives the employee access to their pay 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via Point Of Sale terminals, ATMs, or to make purchases everywhere MasterCard is accepted.

    Wire Transfer Services

    Securely and efficiently send funds within the U.S. or internationally to ensure timely payment of your obligations. 

    Move money quickly and efficiently with our Transfer Services. Wire transfers are the most expedient and secure method to transfer funds from your CIT business accounts to other financial institutions. 

    Wire transfers ensure critical funds are posted in a timely manner, eliminating the wait time associated with checks or ACH transactions. Initiate wire transfers from the convenience of your office through our secure Business Online Banking website.

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