of retail executives expect financial crisis will extend into 2012 or beyond


see holiday retail sales improving slightly or staying about the same as last year


of executives believe change in health care costs and regulations will be negative (38%) or strongly negative (25%) for their businesses over the next 12 months


of executives report their companies are shifting marketing dollars away from old media toward new media, including social media campaigns

Retail Finance Outlook 2011

What are the latest concerns among retailers?Get CIT's Retail Finance Outlook 2011 report and gain valuable insights into what retailers think about the economy, business financing, the holiday season, new-media marketing, commodity costs, health care regulations and more.

At a Glance

In the Retail Finance Outlook 2011 survey of middle market retail executives, the general opinion was one of pessimism about the U.S. economy as a whole, even though the executives expect their own companies to improve faster than the retail industry. Although the majority of executives expect business to improve in the coming months, they remain cautious when it comes to increasing staff levels, building inventory, and assessing the availability of credit, especially for their customers.

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