Our Commitment to Diversity

CIT strives to create a culture where employees with varied perspectives, skills and experience work together to meet organizational goals. An inclusive environment that values the collaboration of diverse cultures and ideas fosters greater creativity and innovation, building value for our stakeholders – customers, investors and employees.

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INROADS is a non-profit organization whose goal is to develop and place talented underserved youth in business and industry. CIT works with INROADS to create internship opportunities throughout the Company with the potential for full-time placement upon graduation.

CIT Diversity Council

CIT recognizes that diversity gains will not be sustained if the work environment does not promote behaviors that encourage new ways of problem-solving and reward diversity of thought. The Diversity Council was created to facilitate an employee-driven culture of inclusion through networking events and initiatives that bring a heightened sense of engagement, awareness and acceptance of people from all backgrounds. These activities provide a forum for employees to interact with their peers, share their backgrounds and build relationships with people who are different from them.