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A New Vocabulary for CIT

Many companies define themselves – and communicate their value proposition – by comparing themselves to other competitors in their space. But what company is truly like CIT? No other financing company offers our unique suite of financing products. No other company matches the depth of our focus on key markets: small and middle market businesses, global transportation companies, vendor finance partners. And few companies can boast a financing legacy that dates back more than a century, with many client relationships that have endured for decades.

With a broad and deep value proposition, a unique set of offerings, and competitors that include many of the world’s largest financial institutions, CIT needed a new vocabulary to express all that we stand for. This was the genesis of the portmanteau idea: combinations of words that reflect the multiple layers of value we bring to client relationships.

These new, attention-getting words represent a new way of defining the CIT difference, underscoring the fact that CIT stands alone in helping our clients achieve their most ambitious growth objectives.

Learn Our Language
To learn our new vocabulary, click on a thumbnail image below from the CIT Advertising Campaign –- view more by clicking the left or right scroll button. For full-sized images, click on the image displayed within the player.


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