Executive Speakers Series

At CIT, we pride ourselves on utilizing our financial expertise, industry knowledge and strong relationships to help our clients maximize their potential.
To that end, many members of the CIT team are available to present expert financial and business commentary at your next conference. We encourage you to review our CIT Executive Sourcebook, which highlights our executives' current responsibilities, their areas of expertise and their prior work experience.
CIT Speakers generally focus on the following areas:
  • Financial and advisory services
  • Financial trends in today's global market
  • Industry-specific financing
  • Corporate strategy/governance
  • The middle market sector
  • Brand strategy
  • Risk management
We look forward to connecting you with our executive team and highlighting the wealth of intellectual capital at CIT.
To book a speaker from CIT, please contact Curt Ritter at curt.ritter@cit.com.

2014 Home Medical Equipment Business Summit (September 9, 2014 Minneapolis, MN) William Douglass, Group Head and Managing Director, CIT Corporate Finance, Healthcare will participate on a panel to discuss Investment in Home Medical Equipment.

2nd Annual Corporate Jet and Helicopter Finance Conference (September 15 - 16, 2014 Miami, FL) Mike Kahmann, Managing Director and Group Head, CIT Business Aircraft Finance will participate on a panel to discuss Has Business Jet Finance Changed Forever.

Restaurant Finance and Development Conference (November 10 - 12, 2014 Las Vegas, NV) Robert Bielinski, Managing Director, CIT Corporate Finance, Retail and Restaurants will be one of the guest keynote speakers at this year's conference.   Mr. Bielinski will give a brief presentation on Credit Markets for Restaurant Companies.