Fleet and finance executives of commercial airlines have a positive outlook for the industry’s immediate future — anticipating growth in many areas of their business.

Currently, leasing plays an important role in aircraft acquisition and is expected to remain high, underscoring the importance of reputations and relations with lessors. The industry is likely to be faced with challenges stemming from rising interest rates as well as fuel price volatility. But for now, airlines are taking advantage of lower fuel prices and investing in technology in order to accommodate changing trends.

In order to understand current trends, challenges and outlook for commercial airlines, Harris Poll, on behalf of CIT, a leader in financing and advisory services to the aerospace industry, conducted research from February to May among 100 global airline fleet and finance executives.

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Key Headlines from the Research

  • Interest rates and fuel prices are expected to rise — creating risk for airlines
  • Fleet leasing is expected to remain high; responsiveness and reputation of lessor is a must
  • Airlines are comfortable with their total fleet size and order book commitments
  • Innovations and technological advances are highly anticipated



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