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Business and Personal Insurance Services

CIT Insurance Services provides access to protection products through its alliances with insurance companies and agents.

Products can be structured on a transactional basis or tailored to meet the unique needs of our small business and middle market clients. Insurance products range from commercial property and casualty, life and disability, and other loan protection products.

Products for small business and middle market customers include:

Property Coverage
Provides for repair or replacement in the event of loss or damage to property or equipment due to an insured peril. 

Life Insurance
Pays off or reduces the outstanding balance of the loan in the event of death. 

Disability Insurance
Pays in the event of total disability due to injury or sickness.

Guaranteed Auto Protection (“GAP”) Waiver 
Protects owners licensed vehicles if there is a shortfall between the vehicle’s insurance coverage and the amount outstanding on the loan as a result of a total loss.

Down Payment Protection (“DPP”) Waiver 
Protects the down payment made on licensed vehicles in the event the vehicle is a total loss. 

Accident Downtime Protection (“ADP”) Waiver 
Protects loan payments in the event a licensed vehicle is damaged or disabled and goes in for repair.

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