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CIT Commercial Air - Aircraft Financing and Leasing Solutions

Commercial aircraft financing solutions tailored to meet your business goals. 
As a global leader in aircraft financing, we work with more than 100 customers in 50 countries, to create commercial aircraft financing solutions that help airlines and financial institutions succeed. We work closely with our partners and provide aircraft financing and leasing packages for airlines around the globe. We offer an array of industry-leading services, supported by our fleet that includes Airbus, Boeing, Embraer and  Bombardier aircraft.

Helping our customers soar. 
Backed by 40 years of leasing and financing experience. We partner with major, low cost and regional carriers; manufacturers, distributors, and service providers; financial institutions, leasing companies, banks, hedge funds and private equity firms. 

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Aircraft Lending and Leasing Products and Services

Senior Secured Lending
Our deep understanding of the industry helps us craft aviation financing solutions to manage senior debt. We offer fully amortizing loans, non-amortizing asset tranche (“bullet”) loans, amortizing loans to a balloon, direct loans to airlines or lessors, and loans on new, mid-life or older aircraft types – all on a full or limited recourse basis.

Pre-Delivery Payment (PDP) Financing
We offer pre-delivery payment financing options for our airline and financial institutions customers.

Mezzanine/Junior Financings
For qualified opportunities, we have the flexibility to offer mezzanine or junior financing solutions.

Aircraft Leasing
We offer operating, single investor, sale and leaseback, leveraged debt and equity services, cross-border tax structures, as well as technical asset management and remarketing services. Learn more about our aircraft fleet.  

Advisory & Syndication Services 
With expertise in the full spectrum of the aerospace industry, we offer capital market services, sellside or buyside advisory, management buy-outs and going private transactions.

Aircraft Leasing, Advisory & Syndication Office Locations

We offer seven convenient aircraft leasing, advising and syndication offices in Dublin, Ireland; Ft. Lauderdale, FL; Los Angeles, CA; New York, NY; Seattle, WA; Singapore; and Toulouse, France.

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Tony Diaz, President, CIT Commercial Air, shares his views on the Commercial Aerospace Outlook for 2014.

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Keeping CIT Soaring Above: Go into the hangar with the Aerospace technical team

Keeping CIT Soaring Above: Go into the hangar with the Aerospace technical team

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