Fraud Warnings

An advertisement appearing in one or more newspapers in the Philippines (and possibly elsewhere, including possibly the internet) falsely advertises employment opportunities with CIT in the Philippines. The letters sent to applicants who apply for the jobs refer to CIT executives in the United States (namely John Thain, CEO and Lisa Zonino, Executive Vice President – Human Resources) and after initial “screening,” require applicants to send a “Refundable Reservation fee of P 1,500.00” to reserve the applicants slot in training in the United Sates. The applicant is also asked for other personal information such as copies of their passport and birth certificate. CIT has now been made aware of this false advertisement. Please be advised that this advertisement is not a CIT advertisement and that CIT is in no way affiliated with these advertisements. CIT is not currently hiring or recruiting employees in the Philippines. 

If you or someone you know has replied to these advertisements, do not send any money or provide any personal information. Instead, please contact the CIT Internal Audit Department – Antifraud Group by e-mailing or calling 973.740.5086. 


It has recently come to our attention that fraudulent web sites, including HÜMA GROUP,, are indicating on their web sites or unsolicited emails that they are associated with CIT and are authorized to broker or facilitate commercial loans on behalf of CIT. Potential customers are requested to send an advanced fee to the unauthorized broker prior to the “loan” being approved/funded. This type of fraud is known as an “advanced fee loan scheme” and you should never provide funds in this manner. You should note that all emails from CIT include the “” domain name. CIT employees do not conduct business from free email accounts such as Gmail or Yahoo mail.


CIT Group Inc. (“CIT”) is the sole shareholder of several regulated entities including CIT Bank, our Utah commercial bank, which operates, a separate website, and CIT Bank Ltd., our UK commercial bank. It has come to our attention that one or more unauthorized websites have been created claiming to be either CIT, CIT Bank or CIT Bank Ltd. These websites appear to offer the ability to open bank accounts or make on-line deposits with CIT Bank, or offer “pay-day” or “fast-cash” type of loans, but they are actually fraudulent.   CIT and its affiliated entities do not offer “pay-day” or “fast-cash” loans.  Please do not send any money to these sites or attempt to open an account or make a deposit on-line as they are not CIT, CIT Bank or CIT Bank Ltd. 

Further, it has come to our attention that at least one website in Brazil is also using CIT’s name in a fraudulent manner through email and possibly other communications. For reference: Banco Comercial Investment Trust do Brasil S.A. – Banco Múltiplo, doing business as CIT, advises that its communication channels with clients in Brazil are the following ones only: website; Telephone 5511-4166-1800; E-mail CIT does not ask its clients to send their data through e-mail. If you have any questions, please contact us CIT in Brazil at 5511-4166-1800 or by e-mailing

Please do not send any money or provide any personal information to these fraudulent websites. Instead, please contact the CIT Internal Audit Department – Antifraud Group by e-mailing or calling 973.740.5000.